Hello英語(第二十九課):緊急情況 (二)

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A: Excuse me﹐ officer.
B: Yes, what’s the matter?

A: I lost my son.

B: When?
A: 10 minutes ago.

B: What is your son’s name?
A: His name is John.

B: How old is he?
A: He is 6 years old.

B: What is he wearing?
A: He is wearing a white t-shirt, blue shorts, and red tennis shoes.

B: What color is his hair?
A: His hair is black.

B: Where did you see him last?
A: I lost him in the toy store.

B: Okay, let’s go there.


officer 警官 (對警察的禮貌稱呼)

lost 丟失 lose 的過去式

son 兒子

shorts 短褲

tennis 網球

tennis shoes 網球鞋

Hair 頭髮

did 助動詞 是“do.”的過去時


last 最後

toy 玩具

toy store玩具店

對話 (二)

A: Police! Call the police!
B: What’s the matter?

A: I’ve been robbed.
B: Oh really? I’m sorry.

A: They took my money and my passport.
B: That’s terrible.

robbed 搶劫

I’ve been robbed 我被搶劫了。


passport 護照

took 是take的過去式﹐拿

Police 警察


I don’t understand 我不懂

I don’t speak English 我不講英語

I’m lost 我走丟了

Please help me 請幫我

I need an ambulance 我需要一臺救護車

I need a doctor 我需要看醫生

I need the police 我需要找警察

I need to contact the Chinese Embassy 我需要和中國大使館聯係

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