Hello英語(第三十五課):郵局裏 (三)

Post office part III
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B: I’d like to buy a book of stamps.

A: A book of stamps? We can do that. Any particular design?
B: No, that’s OK. US flags.

A: We got that. Any phone cards or anything today?
B: No thank you.

A: That’s 20 of the United States Flag stamps. That will be $7.60 all together.

B: $7.60. Out of $20.00.

A: Out of 20 that will be fine. You can also use your credit or debit cards, we’ll take checks with ID, but cash is always good too.

B: Cash is the best.

A: $13.40 is your change. That’s $7.60, 70, 75, 80, 9, 10. and 10 makes $20. Here is the receipt for you. Thank you sir.

B: Have a good day.

A: Thank you very much. Yes sir, may I help you.


A book of 一本

particular 特殊的

design 圖案,設計


phone cards 電話卡

anything 什麼事,什麼物

all 全部,所有

all together 全部, 一共

out 向外,在外

out of 從、、裏頭,從、、當中

credit 信用,貸款

credit card 信用卡

debit 借方

debit card 借用卡

check 支票

ID 身份證, 是“identification”的縮寫

receipt 收據

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