Hello英語(第三十八課):租公寓 (下)

Renting an apartment part II
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對話 (一)

A= Do you like the apartment?
B= Yes I do, but I have a few more questions.

A= What are they?

B= If something is broken, who do I call to fix it?
A= You can call our maintenance man.

B= Who will pay for it?
A= If you break the item, you will pay for it. If the item breaks by itself,we will pay for it.

B= Great. How long is the lease?
A= Our standard lease is for 12 months.

B= When can I move in?

A= You can move in tomorrow if you want?


Question 問題
Something 東西, 事情
Broken 壞了,破碎了
Fix 修理
Maintenance 保養
Maintenance man 修理工
Break 損壞,打破
Item 個別物體,東西, 條款
How long? 多長時間?多久
Lease 租約
Standard 標準的
standard lease 標準租約
move 搬家

A= Do you like the apartment? 你喜歡這個公寓嗎?
B= Yes I do, but I have a few more questions. 喜歡,但我有幾個問題/

A= What are they? 什麼問題?

B= If something is broken, who do I call to fix it? 如果什麼東西壞了,我

A= You can call our maintenance man. 你可以給我們的修理工打電話。

B= Who will pay for it? 誰花錢?

A= If you break the item, you will pay for it. If the item breaks by itself,we will pay for it. 如果是你搞壞的,你花錢,如果是自己壞的,我們花。

B= Great. How long is the lease? 太好了,租約是多長時間?

A= Our standard lease is for 12 months. 我們正常的租約是12個月。

B= When can I move in? 我什麼時候可以搬進來?

A= You can move in tomorrow if you want? 如果你想的話,你明天就可以搬。

對話 (二)

A= I want the one bedroom apartment.
B= Great! That will be 650 dollars a month.

A= No problem.

B= We also need a security deposit of 650 dollars.

A= So that comes to 1300 dollars right now.

B= That is correct.

A= I have a car. Is there a parking fee?

B= No there isn』t. Each apartment has one free parking space.

A= That』s good.

B = Here is our standard lease for 12 months.

A= Okay.

B= Please read it and sign it at the bottom.

A= I』m finished. Here is your money.

B= Here is your key. You can move in at any time.

A= Thank you.

B= Have a nice day.

* * *

Great 很好
Security 安全
Deposit 押金
Security Deposit 安全押金
that comes to
right now 現在。
correct 正確的
parking 停車
parking fee 停車費
sign 標牌
bottom 底下
sign it at the bottom 在底下簽字。
finished 完成了
key 鑰匙
any 任何
any time 何時間

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