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Huntington’s disease & The Lemon-Aid Lady

1. inherit: v. 遺傳
2. Huntington’s disease (HD): n. 杭亭頓舞蹈症
3. neurological: a. 神經學的
4. defective: a. 有缺陷的
5. circumstances: n. 情況

For more than 27 years Darren Bryant was a picture of health. A strong man, who is now barley recognizable.

[Brenda Bryant, Darren’s Mother]:
“It’s very hard sort of seeing someone like Darren who was very fit and very athletic and now he can hardly eat and hardly walk and hardly talk.”

Darren has inherited Huntington’s disease (HD). HD as it’s known, is a neurological disorder of the brain caused by a defective gene in the family.

A disease with no cure and worse yet a disease that’s terminal.

[Brenda Bryant, Darren’s Mother]:
“It’s just constantly there. It effects everything you do in your life now.”

Brenda Bryant knows this all to well. She lost her husband Barry to HD 27 years ago, prior to that Barry’s father and grandfather also died.

Today she knows time spent with her son Darren is limited.

But the Bryant family’s unfortunate circumstances took a turn for the better 8 months ago, when they meet Jeanette Wiggins.

Jeanette has helped to change their lives forever, or at least made Darren’s remaining year’s a little easier.

[Brenda Bryant, Darren’s Mother]:
“She’s wonderful support.”

6. lemonade: n. 檸檬水
7. cause: n. 理想、目標
8. outpour: n. 瀉出
9. fantastic: adj. 很棒的

At her home in Wellington, New Zealand, she turns lemons into lemonade, sells it and donates all profits to those like Darren with HD.

Since Jeanette started promoting her cause 9 months ago, she has received an outpour of support from the community.

[Jeanette Wiggins, HD Volunteer]:
“It’s just kind of lemons every where really, I mean the response has been fantastic.”

10. inspiration: n. 靈感
11. fruition: n. 成果,實現

Jeanette’s inspiration came into fruition after another friend of hers who had HD couldn’t afford to pay his bills.

[Jeanette Wiggins, HD Volunteer]:
“He had real financial issues as a lot of these people do and I said to him I don’t know how we are going to do this and I looked out his window and he has this amazing lemon tree and I said Robert that’s the answer, the lemons.”

Robert who has since past away has now become the root of her inspiration. Her drive to sell lemonade at the market rain or shine, never for profit only ever for a good cause.

12. as for: ph. 至於
13. dedication: n. 奉獻
14. timeless: adj. 無時間性的

As for how long Jeanette will be doing this, well she’s simply here to stay, and for that dedication, people like Darren and Brenda will be for ever grateful.

[Brenda Bryant, Darren’s Mother]:
“The lemons are a big help for us.”

In our final interview with Darren, he found words limiting to express a language, only spoken with the heart.

[Darren Bryant, HD Sufferer]:
“She’s wonderful.”

Bringing a timeless sense of strength and hope, to people like Darren and his remaining family who don’t have time on their side.