What’s keeping you? 什麼事讓你耽擱這麼久?
It’s no use complaining. 抱怨是沒用的
Do you have any laundry? 你有衣服要洗嗎?
Where is the customer service counter? 請問服務中心櫃檯在哪兒?
Excuse me, I think I’m lost. 抱歉,我想我迷路了
What happened here? 發生什麼事了?
I’m falling in love with you. 我愛上你了
What’s the use of doing this? 做這個有什麼用呢?
You will regret resigning the job. 我相信你會後悔辭掉那份工作
I’m glad. 我很高興
Your idea is pretty good. 你的想法相當好
What’s going on?怎麼回事?
Are you hurt? 你受傷了嗎?
No fooling around. 不要胡鬧了
Are you happy? 你快樂嗎?
What’s your star sign? 你的星座是什麼?
實用會話句型:There is no doubt that ~
實用會話句型:be composed of~
實用會話句型:Those who
實用會話句型:out of the blue~=unexpectedly
Don’t underestimate yourself. 別低估你自己
Can you give me a hand? 你可以幫我忙一下嗎?
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