Post Office part II
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A: Yes, sir, can I help you?

B: Hi, how are you?

A: Pretty good, how about yourself?

B: Excellent. I’d like to send this letter to China

A: To China, OK. How soon would you like it to be there, sir?

B: What are my options?

A: OK, take a look at the screen right here. Just a moment. Here we go.

If you send it by global express, it is $19.00. If you send it by global
priority, that will be $5.00. If you send it normal airmail, it costs eighty

B: Well, let’s go cheap. I don’t have a lot of money.

A: That’s C80.00. We can do it. Would you like a stamp on it or a meter

B: Stamp.

A: OK, I will get two 40 cent stamps for you.

B: Thank you.

A: Here are a couple of 40 cent stamps. Just go ahead and put them on if
you would like.


Screen 萤幕、电视萤幕,电脑萤幕
Take a look 看一下,看一看
right 正好的,恰好的
right here 就这儿 (地点更确切)
Just a moment 等一下。
Here we go 我们开始吧
if 如果
send 邮寄
by 靠什么方法,手段
global priority 国际优先邮件 (是仅次于global express 国际特快传递)
cheap 便宜
meter 测量仪器,测量表,马路上的停车表
strip 条带,长条
meter strip 用机器打出来的标签
stamp 邮票
a couple of 两个。
just go ahead 就做吧,就干吧
put 方在什么上或贴
them 他们 (在对话里指邮票)
put on 把什么放在什么上,穿上

If you send it normal airmail, it costs 80 cents. 如果你寄平件,是80美分。

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