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图: 母亲陈韵如与儿子任奕维合影(摄影: 吕海/大纪元)

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【大纪元2011年06月09日讯】(大纪元记者吕海湾区报道)上文(文章连接:说到今年18岁的任奕维目前的学习包括: 乐器、健康、网上学习、电子书、英文阅读、语音、练习活页、娱乐、中文、生活技巧、社交技巧、艺术、写作及精细运动技能。但为什么他的学习内容如此深浅穿插呢﹖


“那我觉得比较大的障碍还是在语言”,陈韵如表示: “……他11岁的时候我就开始把他抓来背《三字经》,这也是那医生绝对不赞同的。”她回忆,做语言评估时,医生得知任奕维在家是华语环境后,就建议他只学英文而不学华语,以免增加他的语言学习负担。

但陈韵如知道孩子的发音、听写能力很强,语法中的无法规则很好,只是理解能力差“他小时候学phonics(语音)时,就是拼音,可以听音,把字拼出来”,陈韵如回忆: “慢是慢在理解,就是这里头每个字你都认识,但是句子是什么意你思不知道”。


此前,与许多在美国出生的第二华裔一样, 虽然任奕维身在中文的家庭环境中,但却不说中文,家长和哥哥也只跟他说英文。

开始背《三字经》时,母亲说: “我也不要他懂这个意思,我要他跟我学音象句录”,之后儿子的大脑语言区得受到很大挑战,而这正是陈韵如的用意。“如果说你那么差劲的语言区,你都能处理两种语言,那也弱不到哪里去呀﹖”


今年起,陈韵如又用中国经典故事作为教材,自己打写,一遍遍阅读,让儿子听,然后任奕维一一在每个字上注音、拼音,最后让儿子重述、谈论故事,使他能灵活应用语言。经过数月的时间和六个故事的学习,陈韵如说: “我发现他现在将故事的能力就进步多了。”

五月底,任奕维参加了Youth Focus组织的美西地区加州才艺比赛,并获得了竖琴比赛金奖,在此之前为了解他对音乐的想法,与今后的人生展望,记者提出了让他通过写作回答此题的建议。两周后,任奕维在电邮中递交了作文。他表示,过程中他先是集思广益,写作中得到了母亲与哥哥的一些帮助。以下是他的部分文章翻译,全文请见网页(文章连接:。




五月底任奕维参加了Youth Focus组织的美西地区加州才艺比赛,图为任奕维手拿竖琴比赛金奖。(任奕维提供)


Music and Me by David Ren

I started my music education when I was five years old in a small group music lesson called KinderMusic. At first, mom just wanted to provide me a chance to interact with typical children and an opportunity to explore music. At that time, she didn’t know that I had talent in music. After three sessions of KinderMusic, I began my private piano lessons with Ms. Kelly Chen. I was about six years old then.

In the first two months, I couldn’t play the piano with my both hands at the same time. But Ms. Chen was very patient with me, and eventually my coordination improved and I could play with my two hands. This made both Ms. Chen and my mom very happy! I picked up my music instruments one by one in the following sequence: piano, recorder, keyboard, harp, guitar, flute, gu zheng, and finally my own voice.

I have taken music lessons from sixteen music teachers. They all have done a great job! I can read music notes very fast with accuracy and I can memorize the fingering for each new piece in a short time. Music is like my first language!

I enjoy practicing music very much! Every day, I spend about two hours practicing. When I practice my music pieces, I feel happy and satisfied. When I perform in front of the audience, I never get nervous. I like to share my music performance with friends either in live performances or through Youtube links.

My brother Alexander Ren has been a good big brother over the past years. He films all my well-practiced music pieces and uploads them onto Youtube for me. Some friends find listening to my music soothing.

In the future, I would like to have a music career as a composer, performer, teacher, and a piano tuning technician. I will always have my heart for children with special needs. I composed my first piece about one month ago. I will keep on composing new melodies.

Among my eight instruments, my favorites are piano, harp, gu zheng and my own voice. I would like to pick up more instruments, for example, erhu and drum, in the future if my family can afford them.

My harp teacher Ms. Sonya Yu has taught me harp for over nine years and she knew me for over thirteen years. She witnesses all the progress I have made. Recently, I earned a trophy in the Western Regional California State Talent & Performing Arts Competition. This is a great reward for Ms. Sonya Yu who really dedicates herself to my harp education.

My gu zheng teacher Ms. Melody Chen is a great performer and musician. She trains me how to be a good performer. My jazz piano and piano tuning teacher Mr. Robert Wong is a loving person. He has great confidence in me. In his opinion, I am as good as other typical kids.

Learning music is a good challenge for my brain, muscle coordination, courage, patience, persistence, art, public performance, and creativity. Music is also a tool for me to present myself and to serve my community. I receive many invitations for performance from different local Chinese associations.

Through the training of music, I think one day I will be a fully recovered autistic person. I believe one day, human languages will become as easy as the universal music notes!

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