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Epoch Times, The Most Distributed Chinese Newspaper in Greater Philadelphia

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【大纪元2017年08月06日讯】Epoch Times Philadelphia is a leading Chinese newspaper in Greater Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware, published every Friday, with the largest circulation among Chinese Newspapers through the Delaware Valley. Founded in 2000, Epoch Times operates on a foundation of Truth, Humanity, and Hope. We are committed to providing value through print and digital news content in over 21 languages that is truthful and unbiased. Since January 2017, our digital engagement has soared. NTD, our news and entertainment brand, is now consistently among the top 10 media and entertainment properties in the world. We are proud to be a part of Epoch Media Group which has over 115 million Facebook fans, and 5 billion video views per month.

Published in 35 countries across five continents, Epoch Times Chinese edition is the most widely distributed Chinese newspaper in the world, with a total weekly circulation of 1.6 million copies in the major cities of the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

As the King of SEO on Google Search, Epoch Times website is ranked #1 among all overseas Chinese media websites.

Chinese Americans are the second largest immigrant group in the USA. There are about 100,000 Chinese Americas in Greater Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware. Chinese Epoch Times is the most popular Chinese newspapers in this region.

Epoch Times Philadelphia Chinese edition reaches more than 20,000 readers weekly. It encompasses the five neighboring counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware, PA; South Jersey including Camden & Burlington Counties, NJ; and Delaware State.

The distribution sites of Epoch Times include major Chinese/Korean/Asian supermarkets/stores, Chinese restaurants, Chinese schools, Chinese doctors, senior centers, Asian cultural centers, universities, residential buildings, public libraries, newspaper stands, as well as many locations in Chinatown.

As per an audit (by BPA at 2012), Epoch Times is the ONLY Chinese newspaper in the USA that has a 99% readership.

The Epoch Times is a general interest newspaper focused on news and lifestyle stories that matters to most of our readers.

The following are some of the major categories that are covered by the Epoch Times:

NEWS: Local, national, and international news from its point of origin;

AUTO: America’s largest Chinese auto section, news, reviews and maintenance tips;

REAL ESTATE: News and analysis for home buyers, owners, investors, and market analysis;

EDUCATION: News, research and advices from pre-K to higher education;

FOOD: Recipes from around the world, fine dining and healthy eating;

TRAVEL: International and local destinations, and travel tips;

CULTURE: Arts, culture and ancient traditions;

BUSINESS:Business news, market information, investment trends;

LUXURY: Top quality watches, jewelry, beauty & fashion for men and women, product information, brand stories;

HEALTH: Fitness and health news and views, traditional, alternative and Chinese medicine;

CAREERS: Job search trends, success stories, hot careers and team building;

ENTERTAINMENT: Celebrity news, film reviews, music;

LEGAL: From immigration and criminal law, to tax planning and traffic tickets, practical advice from legal experts.

EpochTimes Philadelphia, P.O. Box 5231, Wilmington, DE 19808

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